Boys Lacrosse Camp in Milford, CT

Jonathan Law High School

Milford, CT


GameBreaker is proud to return to Jonathan Law High School for this Milford, Connecticut boys lacrosse camp. This camp is open to boys ages 6-16 with half-day option from 9-12 daily for ages 6-9. Campers will learn individual stick skills, positional play, team concepts, and will scrimmage daily. We also hold many fun contests during the week for great prizes. Join us for an unforgettable week of lacrosse training and fun!

About Our Coaches

GameBreaker Lacrosse Coaching Staff

Camp will be taught by some of the top NCAA and High School coaches as well as other Division I players.

Camp Details

Check in/out: All campers check in daily at 8:45 am. The full day campers will check out daily at 3:00 pm with our half day campers checking out at 12:00 pm.

Age & Ability: Our camp is open to boys ages 6-16, Our half-day camp option is open to ages 6-10 and our full day camp option is open to ages 9-16. All ability and levels are welcomed.

Meals: Campers are to bring their own lunch to camp.

Camp Overview

Fundamental Stick Work - Specialized stick routines involving box and targeted fundamental drills

Position Specific Training

Defense - including a rotation of midfielders
Footwork – pivot, recovery and angles
Stick work – clearing, carrying and stick protection
Field Awareness – slide, recovery and on ball play

Situational Awareness – spacing, vision and offensive flow
Shooting– time and room, on the run, shot placement and selection
Dodging – from, X the ally and up top
Riding – drop back, pressure and 10-man rides

Situational Awareness – spacing, vision and offensive flow
Shooting– time and room, on the run, shot placement and selection
Dodging – from, X the ally and up top
Defensive Play – body positioning, field awareness and sliding

Communication - ball positioning, dictating the defensemen’s position and slides
Mechanics – placement in cage, off stick and stick side movement
Clearing – moving the ball quickly, communicating where to go with the ball and stick work

Face Off Specialist
Mechanics – footwork and body positioning
Outlets – pushing the ball to wings, communicating how and where they should go
Draw – speed work, counter moves and development of additional moves

Specialized Leadership Games and Events
Lacrosse capture the flag, lax baseball, lax water balloons, lax maze runner, ultimate lacrosse and other leadership activities

Unsettled Situational Game Play, focused on special awareness specific to each type of situation
2v1 Fast play from the ally, X and Y
Cross field 3v2 continuous play
3v4 off ground ball and clears
Full field transitional continuous play


Chalk Talk - Reviewing techniques and game theories specific to the players position and the weeks on field technical activities

Grouped Position Specific Training- Attack vs. Defense, Midfield vs. Midfield and LSM’s
1v1’s, 2v2’s 3v3’s, 4v4’s– from all positions on the field focusing in
on specific game philosophy’s, techniques and spatial awareness

Specialized Team Building and Leadership Events
Lacrosse capture the flag, lax baseball, lax water balloons, lax maze runner, ultimate lacrosse and other leadership activities

Game Play - Clear ride scrimmage, full field scrimmages, camp championship tournament, 7 vs 7, box lacrosse tournament

Daily Award Ceremony

*Curriculum Varies Per Location and Director*

*For Sample Times of Daily Schedule, Visit Highlights Page*

Reviews (10)

reviews-10 Chris D. - Camper

I would like to attend this camp again because the coaches were really cool and helped me improve my technique. One of the coaches gave me a private lesson every day.

reviews-10 Jon J. - Parent

My son had so much fun at camp this year. All he has been talking about is coming back next year and reuniting with the friends he made.

reviews-10 Jeff C. - Parent

My son loved this camp so much there were days he did not want to go home. He made so many friends at camp. He can not wait for his season to start again in the fall.

reviews-10 Justin P. – Camper

My time at camp was so much fun. I’ve been to other lacrosse camps but the GameBreaker camp was by far the best one. The coaches were very helpful and knowledgeable about lacrosse which made the drills very productive. I learned a whole lot that I can transfer to my game this upcoming season.

reviews-10 Marissa G. – Mom

I sent my son to camp for a week this summer and it was his highlight of the summer. He was so happy to be playing lacrosse with all his friends all week. Next summer we will have to look into sending him for multiple weeks. He had a blast!

reviews-10 T.J. M. – Camper

I was trying to learn how to play midfield for this upcoming season after playing attack previously. The coaches were very helpful while explaining the positional responsibilities as well as what to do in certain parts of the game. My biggest area of question was what to do in transition defense since I was rarely in that position and the coaches helped answer all of my questions.

reviews-10 Jeremy L. – Dad

I wanted my son to practice being more aggressive on the field especially around loose balls. Typically he would hang back and wait for a teammate to get the ball and look for an outlet pass. I mentioned this to the coaches on day 1 and by the final day scrimmage I noticed that he was around the back more and doing some of the dirty work. I appreciate all you guys do for the campers, see you next summer!

reviews-10 Carl G. – Camper

I started out as just a half day camper, but by day 2 I made my mom switch me to full day I was having too much fun to leave early. I learned a lot at camp and really liked scrimmaging in the afternoon. That was my favorite part about camp.

reviews-10 Barry W. – Dad

I was very pleased with how well this camp ran. The check-in process on the first day went extremely quick. The camp staff was great and it greatly added to my son having such a great time at camp.

reviews-10 Trevor P. – Parent

Coach Mike was a very hands-on coach. Instead of having his assistants run practice he was on the field instructing the drills as well. As a parent it was very refreshing to see the director being that involved in the camp. My son got a lot out of camp and Coach Mike was a big factor in that.

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