Boys Videos

Men’s Shooting Drills & Training

This video will take you through various drills to improve your shot technique

Wall Ball Workouts

Colin from the lacrosse networks show you a wall ball workout to improve your fundamentals…

Men’s individual Drills – Offense

Billy bitter offers several key techniques for maximizing offensive opportunities from behind the cage.

Men’s individual Drills – Defense

STX Promo player Anthony Kelly discusses Middle Defense.

Men’s Individual Drills – Face Off

STX Promo player Anthony Kelly discusses Face Off techniques.

Individual Drills – Goalie

Starring 2010 MLL Goalkeeper of the year and Brown University assistant coach, Kip Turner.

Men’s Individual Drills – Ground balls

Use these tips and drills to become a ground ball machine

Lacrosse Passing Drills

Lacrosse Passing Drills presented by IMG Academy

Lacrosse Trick Shots

Lacrosse Trick Shots with Dude Perfect

Wall Ball Tips & Drills

Connor Martin from Flow Society takes you through wall ball tips for the season

How to Become a Quicker Dodger

Use these tips and drills to learn how to dodge quicker

Girls Videos

Women’s individual Drills – Defense

A collection of individual defensive drills for women.

Women’s Individual Drills – Offense

A collection of individual offensive drills for women.

Defensive Drills – 1 on 1

Learn how to stay in front of the opponent with these defensive 1 on 1…

Stick Tricks and Fakes

Learn how to fake out the goalie with some of these awesome stick tricks!

Women’s Lacrosse – Passing Drills

The ABCD’s of Defense

This video will teach you the 4 key components of defensive positioning

Women’s Individual Drills – Cradling

Women’s Individual Drills – Dodging

Use some of these tips and tricks to get by your opponent

Women’s Individual Drills – Ground Balls

Use these three drills to get better at picking up ground balls