Girls Lacrosse Camps

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Boys Lacrosse Camps

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Types of Girls Lacrosse Camps

No matter what type of girls lacrosse camps you are looking for, GameBreaker has the perfect one for you. We feature both overnight and extended-day options at the finest universities across the country. Each of our girls LAX camps are tailored to suit all skill levels from beginner to expert, with nearly all ages available to attend.

Why Choose Our Girls LAX Camps

When it comes to girls youth lacrosse, nobody is more respected and renowned than GameBreaker. This is for many reasons. First, we only hire the most skilled coaches we can find, and second, we focus on much more than lacrosse skills. We want to build a complete lacrosse player, which means teaching leadership development, the importance of teamwork, and more. At our nationwide girls lacrosse camps, we want to build character while nurturing amazing lacrosse players.

What You’ll Learn at Our Girls Youth Lacrosse Camps

All of our girls LAX camps offer a well-rounded curriculum that will ensure money well spent. Our girls youth lacrosse training features a progressive curriculum, with new skills being added every day. We focus on everything from defense to dodging to stick skills and beyond.

With limited spots available at our girls lacrosse camps, it is important that you find the camp nearest you and sign up today. You won’t want to miss out on the unrivaled lacrosse training you will receive at one of our girls lacrosse camps.

Types of Boys Lacrosse Camps

At GameBreaker, we specialize in providing boys lacrosse camps for all skill levels and most age groups. We put on boys LAX camps across the country, each one taking place at a top university that has an exceptional lacrosse program. We offer both overnight and extended-day boys youth lacrosse options to fit all comfort levels.

Why Choose Our Boys LAX Camps

Our boys LAX camps are some of the most well-known in the country for a reason: We staff the most talented coaches and we focus on building character just as much as we focus on perfecting stick skills. At our boys lacrosse camps, players will leave the four-day experience with newly developed leadership and teamwork skills and a fresh confidence in their lacrosse abilities.