Top Five States For Lacrosse Participation

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While sports participation has dwindled slightly in certain sports throughout recent years, lacrosse is one sport which has enjoyed impressive overall growth. Through interest generated by media and various lacrosse programs in schools and colleges, more people have become interested in getting on the field and trying their hand at this unique and exciting sport.

The development of various sports camps dedicated to providing high-quality instruction and mentorship to players of various skill levels and ages has also accelerated the growth of the sport. Some organizations such as GameBreaker Lax Camps, which allows those interested in the sport to search camps, has helped camps in various areas gain a larger number of attendees.

The primary benefit of these types of camps is that they have the ability to offer an environment completely focused on professional instruction in the sport from professionals in the sport. Unlike other types of programs such as sports teams at schools or generic day camps which offer the sport as one of many recreational activities, these camps have allowed interested individuals to learn a solid amount of basic, intermediate, and advanced skills in the sport itself.

There are several areas in the country where lacrosse participation has grown heavily in recent years. This is due to the presence of advanced facilities and a large amount of interested participants being able to locate and attend these camps and receive a positive experience. Here are five states which have enjoyed increase participation in the sport.

Lacrosse Participation by State


A state that is well-known for sports in academic institutions as well as the opportunity for business development, it is no surprise that organizations dedicated to increasing sports participation in lacrosse have developed. A few of the more prominent organizations dedicated to the sport are:

  • Stanford Lacrosse Camp
  • Trilogy Lacrosse Camps,
  • Chapman University Boys Lacrosse Camp

While some of the focus on the sport in this state has been due to the existence of athletic programs at schools and universities,  a large amount of it has been due to cross collaboration between these programs and independent sports organizations dedicated to providing lacrosse training.

North Carolina

Another state which is known for quality sports programs in high schools and colleges, North Carolina is another state which has enjoyed an impressive amount of lacrosse participation in recent years. Since 2011, more people have been enrolling in programs in this state to hone their skills on the field. Xcelerate Nike Boys Lacrosse Camp is an example of a very popular camp in the area. Camps for girls, as well as camps which provide instructions to players of both genders also exist.

South Carolina

Like its neighbor to the north, South Carolina has also boasted a similar amount of growth in lacrosse popularity. Lowcountry Lacrosse is a prominent organization in this area which focuses on providing independent, high-quality instruction in lacrosse techniques for individuals and teams.


Oregon has also enjoyed a noticeable amount of participation in the sport due primarily to high-quality academies in the state. Rhino Lacrosse Academy is one of these organizations which has helped those interested in the sport to develop their skills. While Rhino Academies exist in multiple states, the presence of a headquarters in Oregon has generated interest in the sport by teaching drills, demonstrations, and game strategies.


With the popularity of sports in Florida, it is understandable that the growing sport of lacrosse would generate an impressive amount of interest in this area. Given the existence of teams at the middle school, high school, and collegiate level, many individuals are able to try the sport from an early age and continue their instruction as they grow older. For those who have an advanced interest, organizations such as Pine Crest School Boys Lacrosse Camp provide specific training on individual aspects of the game from well-experienced professionals in the field.

What Growing Interest Means

As various states become more prominent for lacrosse participation, several effects result. The first is that other sports organizations and day camps, which see the success of these businesses, will be incentivized to develop facilities of their own. This will result in a greater amount of people having access to lacrosse instruction throughout the nation.

This increased interest can also result in the development of school and college programs designed to help nurture the interest of young players while incentivizing them with academic goals as well. This can result in higher graduation rates, more jobs, and improved universities.

A “Mainstream” Sport

Lacrosse is quickly evolving from being an unorthodox sport to a mainstream one. While certain other sports such as football, basketball, and baseball are admittedly more popular in some areas based on participation statistics, lacrosse is becoming more popular than some of these sports in certain areas. As lacrosse camps and teams become more common, more people are more inclined to try the sport out for themselves.

This can result in increased scholarships and televised games of the sport. The cross collaboration which results from increased popularity can also boost the social media presence, professional sponsorships, and prominence of lacrosse equipment being sold at large retailers. All of these small aspects combine to create a level of popularity that can help sports transcend from “cult favorites” to mainstream sensations.

The Future

As the sport has grown in popularity, the trends which led to the growth have continued. The popularity of lacrosse is forecasted to continue in the future. States which have already enjoyed increased participation are predicted to continue this trend while nearby states will most likely follow along with these procedures as they prove successful.

As more people become involved in the sport, the quality of camps and institutions is also likely to increase. As participants lean enough to become coaches and teachers, higher skilled players will result. These players will also likely boost the likelihood of schools and universities to invest in lacrosse-based sports programs for students. The future looks bright for those interested in the sport, as the trend is truly becoming a nation-wide phenomenon.