Suggested College Recruiting Timeline For Lacrosse Players

Are you a high school lacrosse player with hopes of playing in college? It’s an exciting conclusion to come to, but it also brings plenty of uncertainty thanks to everything that goes into the recruiting process.

The best way to equip yourself throughout the process is to be armed with as much knowledge as possible. As a lacrosse player, know the important dates, rules, and regulations with regard to your sport in general, and what coaches can and can’t do during certain times of the year. Most importantly, be in control of what you can control, with the biggest one being how you progress within lacrosse throughout your high school career.

Whether you’re getting ready to enter high school or already in the middle of your experience, the following suggested timeline will be helpful.

Lacrosse Recruiting Timeline

Freshman Year 

Playing lax in the fall (if it’s possible) is a good idea, but if you play another sport, don’t drop that sport for lacrosse unless you really, really want to. Once the winter rolls around, it’s a good idea to see if there are any winter leagues or clinics available to you. This is also a good time to visit a couple local schools to start getting a feel for what you like, while also thinking about and being honest with yourself about which division of college lacrosse is the best fit for you.

The spring time should be focused on having a good season with your school team, while also planning on a summer camp to help you continue progressing – like at one of our GameBreaker Lacrosse Camps!

Sophomore Year

As you continue trying to hone in on the types of schools you like and the types of college lax programs you’d like to play for, start to make a college list so they’re all in one spot. Along with once again playing in a winter league or camp, start reaching out to coaches via emails or filling out prospective student-athlete questionnaires at the colleges you like the most.

If you can, check out a few college lax games at schools that you really like while also continuing to modify and getting closer to finalizing your college list. The summer after your sophomore year is a great time to start making trips to a few of these schools.

Junior Year

This is finally the time when the NCAA allows coaches to initiate contact with you. For anyone that does, make sure you respond quickly and keep the tone conversational, but professional. It’s important to keep coaches of your top schools (which should be closer to a list of 10 by now) in the loop on what you’re doing – any ACT or SAT test, fall tournaments, or anything else they should know about your upcoming spring season.

Once July hits, you need to be registered with the NCAA Clearinghouse, be sending your updated transcript and test scores to coaches, getting a highlight video together, and playing in tournaments and/or camps where coaches will be in attendance.

Senior Year

Coaches will reach out to you about official visits if they’d like you to come to campus. Whether you do official or unofficial visits, this is a great opportunity to compare and contrast schools while you’re submitting applications. If you don’t commit to a school earlier in the fall, continue to stay in touch with coaches where you think you’d be a great fit.

Also, don’t forget about keeping your grades up and getting ready for the spring season. Once you officially commit to a school by May 1st, it’ll then be time to get ready for college!