Preparing for Your First Day at Sleepaway Camp

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Sleepaway camp is likely one of the most memorable coming of age experiences for kids. It’s recommended by childhood development specialist that children be given this wonderful experience to help them learn independence and responsibility. There are many reasons your child may be apprehensive about going away to camp, but one of the main reasons is that they will miss home and their friends. Most kids fear that they will not make friends at camp, and they fear they will eat all their meals alone. This fear that you will spend all your time alone may seem real, but it’s unlikely. Camp is designed to encourage and foster friendships. There are a few tips that you can use in order to make friends. Friends usually have shared interest and goals. Even when you are spending your summers at camp, you will have free time to participate in activities and other projects around the camp that involve being a part of a group.


Cabin Mates Make Great Friends

The friends you make at sleepaway camp will be lifelong friends with whom you will share memories of a magical time. Making friends at camp is easily done. The first day of camp can be difficult if it’s your first time to attend the camp, and everyone knows each other. You can quickly make friends at camp by being personable and engaging. Regardless of the type of camp you attend, your cabin mates will be your first group of potential friends. The cores of your summer family are the kids that make up your cabin group. Besides sharing lodging quarters, you and your cabin mates will also spend time participating in group activities as a team. This additional time spent working together will make your first new friends the kids that live with you in your cabin.


Team Mates Make Great Friends

If you are attending summer sports camp, you will be joining a team of people that all likely do not know each other. The reason that a team is a great place to make friends is because teams are a small group with similar objectives and interest. Playing on a sport’s team or having a shared interest in the same sport is the beginnings of a friendship. You will be excited and worried about leaving home if this is their first time away from home.


Shared Experiences Foster Great Friends

Another great way to make friends is to spend time in group activities. There are many group activities at camp. The key to making new friends is meeting new people and making yourself open to conversations with people you do not know. So, instead of waiting alone for dinner to begin, you should invite another camper to join you. Start a conversation with another camper. Instead of opting for alone time, always choose to meet new people and ask them about their lives and interest.


Being Friendly Makes Great Friendships Possible

An important step to making friends at camp is to talk and enter into conversation with other campers. Finding a shared hobby with another camper is also an excellent method of being engaging and making friends with those around you. Sharing details about your life and your favorite activities will make the experience easier. Everyone is nervous and wants to make friends during camp, so by relaxing and sharing information about yourself with other kids you may find that you have things in common. Once you find someone to talk to you, you should remember that part of being a good friend is also not talking and listening. If you want to make friends during a sleepaway camp period, then you want to make sure to listen when a peer talks to you about their experience at camp.  Maybe they were also scared that they wouldn’t make any friends and want to discuss it with you.

Making friends at camp doesn’t have to be a scary proposition. The cliché about being a friend to make a friend is true. Being open to making friends and being friendly will make this summer sleepaway camp the best one ever.