How Should Lacrosse Players Spend Their Offseason? 

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We say this lots of times here, but it’s worth saying again – great lacrosse teams are made during the season, but great lacrosse players are made in the offseason. However, that doesn’t mean your child should be spending every waking moment on the field trying to improve their skills.

They’re only kids once, and it’s important for them to strike some kind of balance in their lives when it’s not lacrosse season. Summer is great because they get a break from school, giving them a lot more time to do other things that are also fun. Should there be some lacrosse work if they’re interested in taking their game to the next level? Well, of course! We suggest finding a GameBreaker Lacrosse Camp nearby that will allow them to not only get better on the field, but to also accomplish it in a fun and positive environment.

Outside of that, how should lacrosse players be spending their offseason each summer? Here are three tips to help.

Get Some Rest!

Lacrosse if full of intense physical activity — bodies ache and are tired by the end of any season. All players find ways to push their limits (in a safe away, of course) in order to grow as an athlete, from both a physical and mental perspective. Most teams don’t get ample time to rest following a lacrosse game during the season, so make sure to take time off and let your body rest and recuperate over a prolonged period of time. Your body – and mind! – will thank you in the end.

Go on Vacation

If you’re not going to be spending all this free time on the lacrosse field, then what the heck should you be doing? Going on vacation is a great way to not only get a physical break, but also a mental break from the daily grind that was the past season and school year. They don’t have to be one- or two-week trips to some faraway place – it can be a trip that just lasts one or two days. Do you have family you don’t typically get to see during the school year or in season? Make an effort to go and see them. It’ll be helpful to get out of town for a short period of time, and you’ll enjoy spending that special time with them.

Find Another Sport to Play

Summer brings wonderful weather, along with an opportunity to be outside as much as possible. All of this time doesn’t need to be spent playing lacrosse – there are other physical activities that are fun and can act as a break from lax. These activities keep things fresh for you, provide your body with a different kind of work, and forces you to think differently, which is helpful in the end.

And we’re not saying that these other physical activities need to be “official”. So no, don’t go sign up to join another team and commit to practicing way too much. We’re talking strictly about doing something informal that’s also fun.