Lacrosse Camp Tips For Every Age and Level of Player

Lacrosse Camp Training - Coach & Player High Five

Lacrosse is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the country. It is growing rapidly among late elementary students and middle school athletes. It has also become a very popular collegiate sport for both men and women athletes. If you are an intermediate player in high school, you are likely considering playing on a collegiate team. Some of the skills needed to excel at the collegiate level can be gained from yearly summer lacrosse camp. Lacrosse is played during the spring so adding a scheduled summer athletics routine to your regular season can tremendously help your game in the weak areas. Much about going to lacrosse camp is about taking your game to the next level regardless of your age and level of current play. Lacrosse has a very fast learning curve, which also explains why it has grown in popularity in all age levels. Lacrosse camp helps athletes remember why they love playing the game and helps them sharpen skills that can prepare them for the next season.

Elementary School Level Players (Ages 7-10)

Summer camp for new lacrosse players is aimed at ensuring that boys and girls have the basics of the sport securely understood. These camps focus on rules and regulations that need to be known first. They eventually move on to techniques of the game and how to play effectively. To expedite this training, kids are divided into groups based on the level of knowledge about lacrosse and gameplay. The more experienced players will be able to spend some of their time strengthening their basic skills and being sharper on fundamentals. Even if a student has only been playing lacrosse for one season, they can benefit from the direction that can be gained by attending lacrosse camp. Players will be able to make sure they are playing their position correctly. They will also be the perfect opportunity to make sure you are in the proper position for your size and playing style.

Middle School Level Players (11-14)

By the time you reach middle school, if you have been playing lacrosse since elementary school, then you know your strengths and weaknesses. It’s very likely that you have an idea what part of you game needs the most work. Lacrosse camp at this age is about taking your camp to the next step to be competitive in high school. If you attend a school that requires qualification to earn a spot on the team, then you will attend lacrosse camp to get you over that hurdle. At this age and skill level, when you arrive at lacrosse camp it will be more challenging, unlike the camp at elementary school level. Lacrosse Summer Camp will be more about strategy at this level. Students can prepare for this by doing some pre-camp practice and preconditioning. Spend the weeks before camp pitching the ball with friends or a parent. Work on shooting the ball into the goal. Also, practicing cradling the ball will also do a lot to help you prepare for summer lacrosse camp.

High School Level Players (15-18)

High school players considering collegiate play are solely focused on strengthening their game and learning to execute strategies effectively. In order to make the leap from high school to college, you will need to play lacrosse at a higher more elite level. One of the most important elite level skills is speed and agility. To improve in this category and advance to collegiate play, an athletic needs work on foot speed. Many lacrosse camps offer recording services so after game play you can review your film to check your improvement. This is also a good place to get video or pieces of gameplay for submission to college recruiters.

Regardless of your level of lacrosse play, there is a camp for you that will help cultivate and nurture skills needed to advance to the next level of your career in the sport. The biggest component of all of this is work ethic. Student athletes are playing the sport because they enjoy it. By committing a small portion of your summer to excelling in your sport of choice and learning new skills, you can get the most out of camp at every age or level.