Getting The Most Out Of Your Time At Lacrosse Camp This Summer

Lacrosse Drills - Training Lax Offense

Summer is right around the corner, and many student athletes will be signing up for summer sports camps. Lacrosse camp is growing in popularity among early elementary and middle graders. Athletics camp is a great place to become a more confident player in any sport. Depending on the length of your chosen camp, making the most of your time at summer camp will be the difference between small gains and large improvements. According to US Lacrosse, there are key things that you can do this summer that can help you move from the bench to active play.

Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Start by taking an assessment of your skills. Be honest and consider where you could use the most improvement. Even if you are the strongest player on your team at home, everyone can use some improvement. Lacrosse camp is going to be even better if you pick a goal and something to work on during the time away from home. While you are thinking about what you can improve, you should also make note of your strengths. The coach at camp will not know you, so be prepared to let them staff know where you are strong and where you could use some help. Once you know what you want to accomplish, you need to be committed. Be on time for practices.

Hard Work is Key

One way to shine and highlight your skills and the usefulness you bring to your position is to show your energy. Don’t view team practice as less important because it’s not the game. The coach is watching your movements and ability to be effective. Push your hardest in practice, focusing on concepts that you recently learned and skills that you may have performed poorly on in the past. Practice can be your time to shine and get your coach’s attention. Also, arriving at practice early will reinforce your commitment and focus on becoming a better player. Arrive early and take that time to work on your weaknesses while you are alone on the field. Lacrosse camp is only as beneficial as you make it, and not putting your instruction and criticism into practice will not help your ultimate goal.

Studying and Focusing

When you are on the bench and another team is on the field, watch how other people in you position are playing. You can learn a great deal about being a great player by understanding how everyone plays the game. Becoming a student of rules and strategy while at lacrosse camp can help you once the season starts. Focus on how other players in your position do something different from you. The next time you play practice copying their style of play. Consider if their way is a beneficial component to add to your toolbox.  If they make mistakes, consider how you can avoid those when you are placed in similar situations. When you get back to your room, make some reminder notes about what you learned and any associated improvements you can add to your game.

Asking for Help

Utilize your camp coaching staff’s expertise to your benefit. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice. Coaches love to help you improve in your weaker areas. Your coach will be impressed that you asked for tips and ways to be best. The best advice is that if you ask your coach what you should do then you should follow through with the instructions. Don’t be worried if the skills or outside of what you’ve tried. Do it the coach’s way and you may be pleasantly surprised. Being focused and working on skills can be difficult at camp. Making new friends, being in a new environment, and trying new things can be exciting and distracting. During instruction, try to remain focused. When working on group task, work with someone like-minded. Get with a group of teammates that want to focus and you think will push you to the next level. Pairing with your best buddy may be tempting. You may talk and miss important instructions. Another idea is to team up with someone that is stronger in an area where you could use help.

The most important thing to remember is that change does not happen overnight. Your successes will happen over time from small efforts expended during practices and games. Even if you feel discouraged and overwhelmed, you can make considerable improvements just by not giving up. If you are committed to playing lacrosse, then attending lacrosse camp is the perfect place to make your goals realized.