How to Prepare for Lacrosse Camp

It honestly doesn’t get much better for a lax player than going to a summer lacrosse camp — especially after the kind of year we’ve all experienced due to COVID-19. Regardless of where you live in the United States, chances are your life has been impacted by the pandemic and you’ve spent more time at home than you would’ve if this past year were a “normal” one. 

As the weather starts to get warmer and lax players can finally get back out to the field this spring after not really having a season last year, it has to feel good. Why not carry that momentum into the summer by then heading to lacrosse camp? Yea, we can’t think of a better way to spend your summer, either. 

If joining us for a GameBreaker Lacrosse Camps experience is on your summer to-do list, the next question to answer is how exactly you should be getting yourself prepared to arrive at camp. And, that answer varies depending on specifically what you’re planning to join us for. 

Are you planning on attending one of our limited overnight lacrosse camps in a few months? If that’s the case, you’ll need to make sure to pack everything needed to get a good night of sleep, as well as feeling rested and put together in the morning before hitting the field. More likely than not, if you’re joining us this summer, it’s for a day or half-day camp, or one of our lax clinics. If that’s the option you’ll be selecting, be sure to bring lunch (for full-day campers) or a snack (for half-day campers) and plenty of water/liquids to drink when we take breaks. The same goes for our clinics, which are scheduled to be one-day events. 

Likely the most important preparation of all, though, is the type of equipment you pack and bring to camp for however long you’re planning on being there. Having the right protective gear is crucial for any sport, but especially for a sport like lacrosse, which includes some contact — for both boys and girls. 

Don’t just assume the gear you have is good, especially after using it through the spring season. It’s important to check how each piece of equipment is holding up after the usage you just put it through. If you’re a boys’ lax player, how is your helmet looking? For girls’ lax players, are your goggles in good shape? The same goes for everything else, whether it’s your cleats, mouthguards, gloves, elbow and shoulder pads, and lax sticks. 

Our goal at GameBreaker Lacrosse Camps is to ensure that all campers in attendance will be finding ways to elevate their game and get better in a fun and safe environment. Of course, at the forefront of everyone’s minds are all the precautions we’ll be taking to keep everyone safe as we continue navigating through COVID-19, but this also pertains to how players are keeping themselves safe while on the field. The more prepared you are, the more fun lacrosse camp will be this summer once you arrive, and we can’t wait to see you soon!