6 Best Tips For Getting Fit in Lacrosse Camps During The Summer

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Summer time is here and the weather is perfect for outdoor activity. Whether recreational or competitive in nature, most people are eager to step away from the books, the desk, and the norms of everyday life and immerse themselves in a fun and stimulating outing during the warmer months of the year.

One of the most popular ways to get in shape is to attend a day camp. These camps are popular during the summer months as they provide a way to socialize, exercise, and challenge oneself simultaneously. The relaxing but competitive environment can be somewhat physically demanding, so it’s a good idea to get in shape beforehand.

However this doesn’t require a gym membership or a personal trainer. In fact, day camps can be prepared for quite easily by following a few simple tips. Many of these tips are actually encouraged and promoted by the staff at these establishments. Getting a jump on things can help one fit in more easily and have a more positive experience. Here are six tips for getting fit during the summer.

Lacrosse Fitness Training Tips

Find The Right Exercise  

Everyone is unique, and every individual has unique tastes and preferences. While some think these differences are limited to belief systems or talents, they encompass a wide variety of factors including preferred types of exercise activity. While specific exercise routines are regularly promoted due to the fact that they are effective at toning certain areas of the body, a variety of fun and unique physical activities can be used in order to make the road to better health and attendance at day camp more enjoyable.

A boring cardio routine can be replaced with a refreshing swim. Bland curls can be traded out for a sparring session with a heavy bag. For those who find the “isolated” gym experience to be boring, taking up a sport can be a way to shed calories and gain muscle while staying interested and motivated. Many day camps are focused on specific sports. GameBreaker lax camps, is a camp dedicated to providing instruction and mentorship in the sport of lacrosse.

Set Goals and Follow Through

All too often, it seems that success or failure at a fitness regimen is determined by the numbers on a scale. While losing weight and toning up is one of the end goals of any fitness plan, the more beneficial objective would be to allow individuals to take control of their own health and their own lives. Becoming too focused on numbers and inches can lead to boredom and burnout.

This is why it’s very beneficial to set personalized goals applicable to one’s own body type and available resources. If an individual is able to do a certain exercise routine comfortably, they can set a goal to improve on the same routine marginally each time. Many day camps which are focused on athletic activity often function this way as well. Attendees are often promised that as long as they follow the guidance of the staff, they can learn certain skills or improve their level of health to some degree. Focusing on reasonable goals can create a mindset that will allow individuals to acclimate more easily to day camps and fitness routines.

Understand Your Body

It can be very easy for individuals to aspire to be like the fit individuals they see walking confidently on the beach or by the pool during the summer months. This can often lead to frustration as each individual’s level of fitness is affected by a number of factors including:

  • Genetics
  • Lifestyle
  • Dietary Habits
  • Participation in sports
  • Access to fitness-based resources

One can only change their body by understanding it, and being conscious of the way these factors affect it. Everyone has physical limitations concerning their own body. By finding these and being aware of them, individuals can make better decisions in order to overcome these limitations and achieve better overall health.

At day camps which focus on athletics, individuals are likely to encounter others who are more fit. This should not be discouraging; it should merely be understood that the individual has achieved such a level of fitness through knowledge of their own body and health habits. Using this knowledge to improve one’s own health can lead to a level of self-confidence that will allow for a more enjoyable and beneficial experience.

Eat Creatively

Summer usually brings to mind images of outings with friends, vacations, and cookouts. All of these recreational and celebratory activities usually go hand-in-hand with large, less-than-healthy meals. It can be discouraging to think that eating better in order to get fit requires one to isolate themselves from these types of fun endeavors.

However one can still participate in social outings where fatty foods are served and be health-conscious at the same time. Being mindful of portion sizes and calorie amounts can allow individuals to enjoy dinner with their peers without hindering them from getting fit during the summer.

Many day camps based around sports, health, and fitness often serve customized foods made to be tasty and nutritious. Having a solid understanding of food and being able to share recipe ideas with others at camp is a great way to socialize and to demonstrate a serious commitment to fitness.

Utilize Technology

Anyone who has ever thought about committing to a healthier lifestyle in order to get fit has undoubtedly browsed the web concerning such matters. A number of high-tech fitness products, complicated supplements, and pricey gym memberships are all options that can be considered. However for the individual who desires a more private, customized, and affordable tool, the answer may lie in the emerging technology that is the modern fitness app.

Thanks to the evolving mobile industry, a number of apps exist for various purposes and fitness is no exception. These apps can be specifically geared toward an individual’s level of fitness and can also generate random workouts in order to keep exercising interesting. These tools are very beneficial to those looking to attend fitness-themed day camps, as they can serve as suitable training tools to promote discipline and consistency in exercise routines.

Don’t Go At It Alone

Making a commitment to get fit during the summer can often seem like a cliché goal. Many claim they would like to look better in a swimsuit or be able to jog down the beach with confidence, but the goals often evaporate due to a lack of interest. A great way to counteract this is to try to get other people involved. Encouraging friends and family members to exercise or attend sports camps can provide the support necessary to achieve fitness-related goals.

Day camps are a great place to meet individuals who are focused on staying fit. Healthy recipes, workout tips, and personalized fitness routines are just a few of the pieces of knowledge that can be acquired in an environment that is focused on sports and fitness.

Get fit for summer, for camp, and for yourself; the path to better health begins now!