3 Tips When Choosing The Right Lax Camp

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Anyone who has ever stepped foot on a lacrosse field knows that the sport provides a rush unlike any other. While not as prominent as football, baseball, or basketball, lacrosse is a sport that is growing rapidly in popularity.  While the sport is gaining fans at an impressive rate, the number of individuals taking to the field to participate directly in the action is increasing as well.

Since lacrosse does not yet enjoy the type of mainstream popularity that would allow it to be a regularly offered activity at schools and universities, other options are available for those looking to participate in the sport and hone their skills. There is perhaps no greater option that can be used to accomplish these goals than the modern lax camp.

Lax camps are a great way for those who are interested in the sport to have fun, meet new people, and improve their skills on and off the field. Specific instructions regarding the intricacies of the sport are taught alongside leadership skills and sportsmanlike behavior. Many lax camps offer services to players of all ages and skill levels. The camps focus on promoting teamwork and cooperation while at the same time giving equal attention to individual development.

Sports camps in general are extremely popular, and camps focusing specifically on lacrosse have become more popular in recent years. Because of the wide variety of choices available to individuals, it is important to choose the right lax camp. Every athlete is different, and finding the right type of camp to accommodate their unique skill-set and aspirations is important. Here are three tips for choosing the right lax camp.

Choose A Focused Camp

Day camps and sports camps are popular for individuals of all ages. They can provide a fun getaway during the summer months or an ideal spot for families looking to make memories together in a creative environment. Many camps may offer instructions in a variety of different sports including lacrosse. However in order to achieve the best overall experience, it is more beneficial to choose a camp that focuses primarily on the sport of lacrosse.

Those who are serious about improving their lacrosse skills and meeting like-minded individuals should actively seek out camps that concentrate specifically on the sport, rather than camps which offer instruction in many other sports simultaneously. While variety is a good thing, it is much easier to improve one’s skills in an environment solely dedicated to such a cause.

GameBreaker lax camp which focuses solely on helping those with an interest in the sport of lacrosse improve their skills on and off the field. Every GameBreaker lax camp is operated by qualified and dedicated professionals who are fully capable of helping individuals receive personalized training in a progressive curriculum. Some of the skills these camps focus on include:

  • Defense (Team Based)
  • Defense (Individual)
  • Ground Balls
  • Dodging
  • Shooting
  • Clears

The camps also work to promote leadership skills and good sportsmanship, ensuring that players who receive training are not only equipped to score points, but to function as valuable members of a team that can contribute to a positive and productive sports environment.

Choose Based On Skill Level

While some individuals may have been fortunate enough to play lacrosse in school or college, others may be brand new to the sport. Experienced players looking to take their game to the next level may be suited for a more advanced camp, while those who are brand new to the sport would obviously be more comfortable in an environment geared toward beginners.

Individuals who are interested in lax camps should be sure to choose a camp that is applicable to their own personal level of skill in the sport. A camp that is too advanced may be stressful and frustrating, while a camp that is too basic may be boring and unnecessary. While some camps offer different types of classes and curriculums, most camps will provide the information necessary for potential attendees to determine whether or not a camp would be a good fit.

Most high-level lax camps offer programs designed to accommodate players of all skill levels. This encompasses a broad range, spanning from beginners to top high school players. This can be valuable in terms of “cross collaboration,” as it allows for beginners to spectate advanced techniques and seasoned players to brush up on the basics. Choosing a lax camp with a broad and diverse curriculum can be a very beneficial decision for any player who is serious about improving their game.

Age Group

Individuals of all ages enjoy the fun, healthy, and competitive experience achieved on the sports field. Lacrosse is no different, and most lax camps are geared to provide instruction and mentorship to players of various age groups. While many day camps are geared toward children and teenagers, a wide variety of camps offer training and mentorship for adult players as well.

Finding a camp applicable to one’s age group is rather easy, as most camps will advertise the age requirements of their programs on their websites. However many prominent lax camps offer multiple types of classes and curriculums to accommodate players of various age groups. This can promote a family-type atmosphere as well, as siblings can attend camps together. Most lax camps offer instruction for players as young as eight years old, with many camps offering courses for players of age eighteen or older.

Many lax camps provide a large amount of information to parents concerning these camps in order to ensure them that their children will have a safe and positive experience. Most of these programs not only allow, but encourage parents to attend camps with their children in order to supervise and record their child’s experience. This also provides a great way for individuals of any age group to make long-term friends with similar interests and aspirations.

A Custom Lax Camp Experience

Every individual is different. But regardless of age, location or skill level, the growing popularity of lacrosse has led to a variety of high-quality lax camps being established in order to provide a positive and rewarding experience for those with an interest in the sport. Athletes of all ages and skill levels can find lax camps to accommodate their interest and help them develop skills on and off the field.