5 Important Lessons You’ll Learn From Your Time Playing Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a fantastic game because not only is it fun and provides a number of health benefits, but it can also properly prepare you to win in other areas of your life that don’t take place on a field.

Here are five of the lessons you’ll learn from playing the sport of lacrosse.

Five Lacrosse Lessons

Value of Communication

When you’re part of a lacrosse team, it’s crucial to have an open line of communication with your teammates. How else are you all going to join together and reach those goals that you set at the beginning of the season?

This is part of the reason why you hear so much talking throughout the course of a game. You may know your teammates and their movements better than anyone, but staying on the same page at any given moment is incredibly important. So, communication is key, but also knowing how to effectively communicate with you teammates (on the field, sidelines, or anywhere else) carries the same level of significance.

Importance of Perseverance

One of the unique things about lacrosse is the fact that both teams must participate in a faceoff after every goal. It’s not as if you’re just handed the ball after your opponent finds the back of the net – they have a chance to win the ball right back and do it all over again. Constantly losing faceoffs is quite frustrating, but the only way to make it stop is to keep doing everything you can to win one.

That also means you shouldn’t be putting too much pressure on yourself. If you try too hard, it could end up becoming worse. Keeping a determined mind and staying even keeled will help you overcome the adversity at hand.

Teamwork Is Necessary

It doesn’t matter how good a particular lacrosse player is – if the team around him either isn’t good or doesn’t know how to properly work together, the entire unit will ultimately suffer. There aren’t a lot of on-field stoppages of time throughout the course of a lacrosse game, so it’s imperative for the attack, defense, and midfield units to work in conjunction with one another at all times.

Virtue of Leadership

Going hand-in-hand with teamwork, each of the on-field units we’ve previously talked about needs to have a player that can lead the way by making solid decisions on the field while also being an effective communicator.

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Staying Disciplined

You can’t just wake up and naturally be one of the best lacrosse players there is. Sure, there is innate athletic ability, but you must constantly work at the finer details of the game, like passing, catching, and cradling.

The desire to improve is necessary, but the action itself of actually improving is the crucial part of it all. If you don’t put in the time to get better, it’s impossible to actually expect yourself to make any improvements.

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