3 Things Every Lacrosse Parent Should Know

Two male lacrosse players seek possession of the ball during a lacrosse game.

We continually stress the importance of having a good on-field experience with lacrosse, and we typically are talking about the young athletes actually playing the game. They’re not the only ones having a unique experience, though – so are the parents. They’re on the sidelines, watching proudly and hoping their child is enjoying what they’re doing.

Any parent knows how hard it is to be one, especially when your child is old enough to have their own opinions and get involved in certain activities that they want to get involved in. For those parents who want to make sure their child’s experience in the game of lacrosse is as positive as it can possibly be, check out these three things that every adult should know.

Keep a Proper Perspective From Start to Finish

Even if parents have the best of intentions when their child starts any new activity – whether it’s lacrosse, another sport, or something not related to athletics – it can be hard to keep the proper perspective if they’ve shown a natural ability for it.

If your child appears to have the necessary talent to eventually succeed in lacrosse (which is basically impossible to spot from such a young age), make sure you don’t get too carried away. It’s not as if their whole future is ruined if they don’t play for one certain team or get cut from the Junior Varsity team at the start of high school.

This really comes into play for top high school players who would like to play in college. There is such a small percentage of HS lacrosse players that actually go onto play during their college years – so make sure you hear your child’s wishes and desires for the next phase of their life instead of ignoring them.

Learn the Rules

Why should parents take the necessary time to get acclimated to the rules and regulations of lacrosse before their son or daughter steps foot on the field? Well, we’ve all been to those youth sports events where there are uninformed parents screaming from the stands – despite it being clear to everyone else that they’re unsure of what they’re talking about.

No child wants their parent to be the one screaming at their games. Getting to know the rules of the game and how lacrosse is played from start to finish will not only make the viewing process a more pleasant and informed one, but it’ll also allow parents to have better conversation with their child after the game. If they were unsuccessful in executing a certain play, an informed parent can either be aware of exactly how difficult it may be or provide some pointers on how to approach it the next time.

Encourage Playing Other Sports

Sport specialization can sometimes be a one-way ticket to sports burnout. Even if a player is the best on their team and has a bright on-field future, the constant work has turned their love of the game into feeling like a job, making it possible for them to simply walk away and leaving a number of opportunities on the table.

Kids have different interests and lacrosse is a game. Encouraging them to have time away from the game to do other things – whether it’s another sport or something completely different – will allow them to come back refreshed. Having an opportunity to miss something is never a bad thing.