The Growth of Youth Lacrosse in New Jersey

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Some people think that youth is a time of relaxation and bliss, where children look solely to their parents or guardians to nurture and teach them to become responsible adults. However it is a good idea to utilize other creative ideas to help children improve themselves and gain tools for success in life. While schools and universities can also help young people to learn and to nurture their unique talents and interests, sometimes additional hobbies and endeavors can be just as beneficial.

With the rise of technology, many children have access to a large amount of information and can research their interests quite easily. While the internet makes information readily available, sometimes additional facilities are needed in order to help young people nurture their interests and pursue their hobbies. New Jersey youth lacrosse is an example of how high-quality facilities can help young people pursue their interests and dreams.

New Jersey has enjoyed a prominent youth lacrosse scene in recent years. This is due to a number of factors including the high-quality facilities offering lacrosse training and the positive effects resulting from such organizations. As the interest in youth lacrosse has grown in the area, the widespread benefits of the sport have become more apparent.

An Alternative to Traditional Sports Teams

Sports are very popular among young people for a number of reasons. The competitive atmosphere, the active and engaging nature of team play, and the feeling of working toward a victory are all qualities which draw people to sports. This is especially true for kids and teens, who view sports as a way to achieve goals and work together, as well as to build confidence.

Most would think that the primary way children become involved in sports is through athletic programs in public schools. While lacrosse is becoming more popular in various areas around the country, it is often overlooked as a school sport in favor of more common sports such as football, baseball, and basketball.

New Jersey youth lacrosse has managed to grow due to a number of lacrosse camps in the area. These camps serve as alternatives to the traditional sports teams which children participate in. A few of the more popular lacrosse camps and leagues in the New Jersey area include:

  • South Jersey Youth Lacrosse League
  • North Jersey Junior Lacrosse League
  • Central Jersey Youth Lacrosse League
  • Jersey Girls Lacrosse Association
  • New Jersey Lacrosse Foundation

Interest is created as the camps and leagues become more popular. New Jersey has enjoyed a wide array of high-quality lacrosse camps as the presence of one has led to the emergence of others. The area has benefited from these camps and the widespread interest in the sport by youth in New Jersey.

A Healthier Youth Population

Young people are often in danger of health problems due to the fact that sedentary lifestyles are becoming easier to fall into. With the rise of technology and the availability of so much unhealthy food, it is easy for individuals to become obese and suffer from issues relating to a lack of physical exercise. Children are perhaps at higher risk, as their limited abilities to visit gyms or health food stores can render them unequipped to pursue a better level of fitness.

Thankfully the modern sports camp is a great way to help young people stay in shape while removing the tedium of “normal” exercise. Youth lacrosse in New Jersey has given the young people in the area a fun and exciting way to better their health and to promote a fit lifestyle to others.

The health benefits exceed the category of physical health. Young players also learn valuable skills such as:

  • Teamwork – Young people who participate in sports can learn how to cooperate and compromise with others for greater mutual benefit.
  • Personal Responsibility – The notion of being responsible for a specific task on a team of one’s peers can incentivize young people to be responsible, and to fulfill their duties to the best of their ability.
  • Learning and Teaching – Players who have participated in the sport for a few years can mentor younger players, and younger plays have a dedicated staff and many qualified teammates to learn from.

A healthier and more personable youth population benefits parents, schools, and communities. Parents can take pride in helping their children grow and learn. Schools can benefit from having more disciplined and sociable students. Communities can take pride in knowing that children who are responsible can grow into valued members of a community in the future.

Future Opportunities

Youth lacrosse in New Jersey has more benefits for the area than simply helping young athletes become healthier and more skilled on the field. The amount of popularity generated for youth lacrosse in the New Jersey area has lead to an increase in jobs, tourism, and positive publicity.

As more organizations and foundations based around youth lacrosse develop, more opportunities for coaching and athletic management positions have become available. This has led to an increased amount of employment opportunities as well as an increased amount of tourism and visitation to the area.

The development of high-quality youth sports associations has also generated positive publicity for the state. The amount of networking and collaboration between camps has led to the entire area being known as a positive place for young people to hone their skills and to grow as athletes and human beings.

This has made the area a more viable choice for individuals who are looking to find a place to raise their children or start families. An area known for positive and healthy recreational opportunities for children is one that projects a wholesome and vibrant image to the rest of the country. This can also incentivize other areas and states to participate in this trend and allow the growing popularity of youth lacrosse in New Jersey to spread to other states as well.