The Growth of Girls Lacrosse

Lax Camps - Girls Lacrosse Drills - Attacking From Behind Goal Practice

Sports are one of the most popular activities for young people. They provide a great way to stay healthy, an opportunity to make friends, and a chance to develop leadership skills and self-discipline. While many parents and guardians will suggest that their child takes part in a sport, many times the child will take the initiative on their own and make it known that they would like to take part in a sport.

While some may think that sports are primarily for boys, this is not the case. More schools are now offering multiple sports opportunities for girls. In addition to this, many high-quality sports camps also offer instruction for girls in a variety of sports. Girls’ lacrosse is one sport that has experienced an impressive amount of growth in recent years. Multiple sources including US Lacrosse, an organization which gathers data about lacrosse participation, indicate that lacrosse is becoming more popular among youth, and especially among females.

Though many would consider lacrosse a “non-traditional sport” in comparison to thinks such as softball, volleyball, and basketball, the sport of lacrosse is becoming more common around the world. While some enjoy watching, others eagerly jump on the field to participate in this exciting and unique game. Girls lacrosse is a sport that provides numerous benefits to athletes on and off the field. Here are a few of the reasons why lacrosse has become a popular choice for girls who want to participate in a sport.

A Unique Sport

As mentioned, many schools are known for offering a few traditional sports for children to participate in. While young people often become interested in sports due to a number of factors, the traditional choices can sometimes become a bit too “common.” Many want to participate in a sport due to the thrill of competition and the feel of being part of a team. Girls’ lacrosse allows female athletes to do this while at the same time adding a unique aspect to the experience.

While lacrosse was once a very rare sport in the US, it has become much more common in recent years. Girls lacrosse specifically has grown in popularity as many girls attend sports camps and day camps geared toward providing premium lacrosse instruction. Many schools also now offer lacrosse teams for both genders.

Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle

An obvious benefit of participating in a sport is that it helps the participants improve their level of fitness. For young people, this is one of the best ways to exercise and stay active is by participating in a sport. Lacrosse has proven to be an excellent choice for young females who are looking to stay active.

In addition to the obvious benefits of improved physical fitness, girls lacrosse also helps to promote improved focus and problem solving skills as the strategies and tactics used in a game are vital to success. Many lacrosse camps provide training for a variety of game-specific skills including:

  • Triangle Offensive
  • Stick Skills
  • Clears
  • Face-Off and Wing Play

An Opportunity For Socializing

It’s important for young people to be able to socialize properly with others and to function as a member of a group. With social media becoming more prominent, there is a concern that kids are becoming too wrapped up in their “own world” and may lack the necessary skills to facilitate good teamwork with others.

Girls lacrosse provides a great way for girls to make friends with others who share similar interests. It allows them to socialize and to focus on working together in order to accomplish a goal through combined efforts. This is a valuable skill that can prepare kids for great results in communities and workplaces during adulthood.

While day camps may only provide interaction for a few hours several days a week, they provide great chances for girls to network and make friends that they can socialize with later. This type of network capability can be valuable for planning strategies in lacrosse games, helping one another with academics, or planning group social outings.

A Way to Build Individual Character

While learning to function as a member of a group is important, it is also important to develop one’s individual strengths and to help positive personality traits grow. Girls lacrosse provides an excellent opportunity for girls to nurture their own unique strengths as individuals.

Sports provide a great way for kids to develop leadership skills, and to translate their own personal talents at instructing and mentoring others into positive results for an entire group. They can also provide opportunities for kids to be nurtured in areas where they need specific attention.

Girls lacrosse also helps young females develop a sense of personal responsibility and self-discipline. By being assigned a position on a team, the competitor is understood to be responsible for a given task which affects the rest of the group. This works well to link individual growth and teamwork together to help females become stronger on and off the field.

Plenty of Options

Due to the rapid growth of popularity lacrosse has enjoyed in recent years, many camps and organizations dedicated to providing high-quality lacrosse training have become more prominent. While some areas feature more options than others, certain organizations provide access to a wide variety of lacrosse camps for players of all genders, age groups, and skill levels.

GameBreaker Lax Camps, for example, is an organization which allows individuals to search for lacrosse camps based on these different subcategories. It is very easy for girls to find high-quality lacrosse camps through these types of searches. The growing market has also given way to higher standards of quality and has led to many camps seeking to excel in the areas of safety and sportsmanship in order to attract participants.

Parents may be concerned about their children becoming involved in a competitive environment with a large number of other children. Many modern camps boast impressive safety records, licensing requirements for staff members, and policies, which actively encourage parents to attend and record practices and games. With a wide variety of options to choose from, almost any girl can find the right lacrosse camp.

Girls’ lacrosse is a sport, which is enjoying widespread popularity. By encouraging physical fitness, individual growth, and social skills, lacrosse is a great way for girls to improve themselves on and off the field.