Ten Gift Ideas for Your Teen Heading Off to Lacrosse Camp

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There are several items require for camp. A list is typically provided well before the first day of camp. In addition to required items, it’s always fun to receive a few fun items that can help your child adjust to life away from home. Depending on the type of camp your child is attending, there are several gifts that would be ideal for athletes heading off to their first day of lacrosse camp.

Lacrosse Gift Ideas


Luggage is a great gift to give to a teenager before they leave for camp. While you would not need to buy a full set of traditional luggage, your child will need a sturdy carryall to transport their items to and from camp. You can opt for a nontraditional luggage item like a duffle bag or large knapsack. Also, teens attending overnight sports camp will have clothes, gear, and toiletries to transport. A duffle bag with smaller complementary bags can help organize your student’s belongings.

Bed Linens and Towels

Towels and Linens are a perfect and practical gift for the student-athlete headed off to camp. The item is a necessity for overnight camp participants. Towels are an item that could also be personalized with a monogram to prevent loss or theft. Bed linens don’t have to be anything fancy, but depending on the length of the camp, you should ensure they are durable and can stand up to multiple washes. Typical camps are only one week, so plan for a set of towels and one set of linens. You want to prevent your student from being required to launder items frequently.


Stationary is a thoughtful gift for students that have opted to travel a great distance to camp; however, it is also a great gift for the camper only a few miles from home. Many camps limit phone calls home, and students are encouraged to write or send postcards to keep in touch with parents. Stationary doesn’t have to be fancy or luxurious. Opting for stationary that is already pre-folded and stamped is also a thoughtful additional touch to the gift.


Money or Gift Cards are thoughtful gifts for students away from home. Most lacrosse camps have free time where students are allowed off-site on excursions with their teammates. Trips include visits to the local mall or movie theater. Students do not need monetary resources to last the duration of the camp, so your monetary gift need not be large.

Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks can be both a great gift and a boring one. If you would like to give your teen an alarm clock, choose one with interesting features and unique uses. Camp mornings usually start with a wake-up call but having an alarm clock can’t hurt. Camp days start early, and many teens may need some time to acclimate to the schedule. Many teens use their phones for alarm clocks, but depending on the camp rules, mobile phone access may be limited. When considering an alarm clock with a clever additional function, ensure it isn’t too loud or difficult to use. Most alarm clocks are outfitted with music features, and some  have a selection of ambient sounds to aid peaceful sleep.

Favorite Snacks

Snacks are a great and useful gift for your teen heading off to burn thousands of calories over several weeks of summer sports training. While you may still send care packages to your child, depending on the length of the camp, a special basket before they leave filled with their most favorite goodies will hit a high note. Some camps have do not eat list, so try to make sure you adhere to it as closely as possible. Also check camp guidelines when creating your snack basket gift.

Digital Frame

An electronic picture frame is the perfect gift for the teen that will be away from home for several weeks. Digital picture frames allow your teen to upload pictures of family and friends they’ll miss while they are away. They can also add photos of new friends they have met at camp.

Camera or Video Camera

A Camera is a great gift for the student-athlete headed off to lacrosse camp. Considering buying a GoPro Camera or something out of the ordinary. Lacrosse games are high energy with quick movements and a fast rate of gameplay; a student would like to have a camera that can be affixed to a helmet to capture the action. These cameras are also handy for recording gameplay for later analysis of skills.


Consider purchasing your teen some games that transport well. A deck of playing cards or something as simple as a set of dominos can pass the time. After days full of athletic training, a relaxing game could be exactly what your teen needs.

Sports Equipment

Sports camps require constant use of your gear. Depending on the length of the camp and the condition of your current gear, any student would benefit from new gear before the start of camp. A gift of new equipment would be a great resource for any student playing with worn gear from the spring season.