Girls Lacrosse Camp at Lasell University

Lasell University

Newton, MA 02466


GameBreaker is excited to announce that we are going to hold an Overnight and a Day girls lacrosse camp at Lasell University in Newton, MA. Campers will have the opportunity to train with our elite level coaches. Campers will enjoy playing on the school's athletic fields and or staying in the dorms on campus.

About Our Coaches

Britney Wuorio

Britney Wuorio enters her second season as the Head Women's Lacrosse Coach at Lasell University in 2022-23. Wuorio is a 2014 graduate of Lasell and was a four-year star player for the Lasers' women's lacrosse program. Wuorio played in 3 GNAC championship games during her playing career including one in 2013 in which her team won the conference title and advanced to the NCAA Division III Tournament. Wuorio ended her playing career holding the record for goals and points at Lasell finishing with 268 goals and 152 assists totaling 420 points. Wuorio was also named to the ECAC All New England first team in 2013 and 2014 as well as being named GNAC First Team from 2011- 2014. Wuorio is excited for an eventful summer at camp!

Camp Details

Check-in/out Day Camp: All campers check in daily at 8:45 am. The full-day campers will check out daily at 3:00 pm with our half-day campers will check out at 12:00 pm.


Check-in/out Overnight Camp: Overnight and Extended Day Campers check-in at 12:00 pm on the first day of camp and check out at 12:00 pm on the last day. On the second and third day of camp, the extended day campers will arrive at 8:45 am and get picked up at 9:00 pm.

Age & Ability: Camp is open to ages 8-16, all ability levels welcome.

Meals Provided: Overnight campers will be provided with all meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Extended day campers will be provided with Lunch and Dinner. Full Day campers are to provide their own lunch for camp.

Camp Curriculum:

Fundamental Stick Work- Specialized stick routines and targeted fundamental drills

Position Specific Training-

Defense- including a rotation of midfielders
Footwork - pivoting, recovery and angles
Stickwork - clearing, carrying, grounds balls and stick protection
Field Awareness - man up or man down situations, on and off ball defensive play
Body Positioning - ABCDs of defense (for 1 on 1 defense)

Situational Awareness - spacing, vision and offensive flow
Shooting - 8 meters, on the run, shot placement and selection, and faking before shooting
Dodging - from X, face dodge, split dodge, roll dodge
Transitioning- Riding the ball

Situational Awareness - spacing, vision, and offensive flow
Shooting - 8 meters, on the run, shot placement and selection and faking before shooting
Dodging - from X, face dodge, split dodge, roll dodge
Defensive Play - body positioning and field awareness
Transitioning- Riding the ball, fast breaks both offensively and defensively, settling

Communication - ball positioning, dictating the defense’s positions and player positioning
Mechanics - placement in cage, off stick and stick-side movement, reaction time, hand/eye coordination
Clearing - moving the ball quickly, communicating where to go with the ball and stick work

Draw Specialist-
Mechanics - footwork and body positioning
Taking the Draw - pushing , pulling, or self-drawing, ball tracking
Circle - speed work, ground balls, ball tracking, and reaction time

Unsettled Situational Game Play, focused on special awareness specific to game-like situations-
2v1, 3v2- Fast play from the elbows and X
Crossfield 3v2 continuous play
3v4 off ground ball and clears
Full field transitional continuous play

Grouped Position Specific Training- Attack vs. Defense, Midfield vs. Midfield
1v1’s, 2v2’s 3v3’s, 4v4’s– from all positions on the field focusing in
on specific game philosophy’s, techniques and spatial awareness

Specialized Team Building and Leadership Events-
Lacrosse capture the flag, lax baseball, lax water balloons, lax maze runner, ultimate lacrosse, lacrosse tic-tac-toe racing, lacrosse head-shoulders-knees-toes-ball, and other leadership and team building activities

Game Play- 7v7, small sided games, full field scrimmage, situational gameplay, clearing and riding the ball

Chalk Talk- Reviewing techniques and game theories regarding specific positioning and game-like situations

*Curriculum Varies Per Location and Director*

*For Sample Times of Daily Schedule, Visit Highlights Page*

Reviews (3)

reviews-0 Angela M.

This is one of the best lacrosse camps I have ever attended. All the coaches were very engaged with the campers and wanted to see each one succeed. Highly recommend this camp.

reviews-10 Victoria C.

GameBreaker does a really good job creating a fun and exciting environment for playing lacrosse. I\'ve never attended a camp where the instructors have been so informative and helpful in improving my lacrosse skills.

reviews-10 Nieman J.

As a parent, I was thoroughly impressed with GameBreaker Lacrosse Camp. The coaches were incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the sport, providing personalized attention to each camper. My child not only improved their lacrosse skills but also gained confidence both on and off the field. The emphasis on teamwork and sportsmanship was evident throughout the camp. Highly recommend for any young lacrosse player looking to take their game to the next level.

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