Lacrosse Shooting Drill – Motion Offense

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By Coach T

Berkman’s Bank: High to Low Crease Shooting

Salisbury Men’s lacrosse coach Jim Berkman is the all-time winningest coach in NCAA men’s lacrosse history. In his 25 years at the helm of SU Seagulls program, the team has compiled 10 NCAA Championships, 25 straight NCAA Tournaments and 17 CAC Championships.

While year in year out the Sea Gulls are a competitive team at both ends of the field, playing with a pace and depth many teams struggle to keep up with. A staple of Berkman’s teams is always a high scoring offense. His players execute an up tempo offense with precision and efficiency that every team should strive to replicate.

To help his players execute on game day, coach Berkman has developed a number of shooting drills he implements in practice that replicate the ball movement and player motion. Not only do these lacrosse drills challenge players in a new way beyond the standard stick skills and shooting drills many coaches use. These lacrosse drills also reinforce basic motion offense principles.

The drill featured above is a great drill to work on feeding and finishing from the high and low crease area. Notice the rotation, as the middie dodges, the adjacent (ahead) player clears through, while the adjacent (behind) follows and fills. The various stick skills being demonstrated are also important to stress while using this drill at your practice.