8 Tips For Getting The Most From Lacrosse Camp

Lacrosse Summer Camps and Training

If you’ve made the decision to enroll in lacrosse camp, chances are you’re a big fan of the sport and you’re looking to improve your performance on the field. This can be a fun way to get advice from professionals and meet new friends who share the same passion for the sport. However the experience can be affected by the athlete’s preparation and behavior before and during the camp.

Like most other things, lacrosse camp is an event which can be good or great depending on how the camper approaches it. In order to maximize your chances of getting the most out of this unique experience, there are several things you can before and during camp.

Do Your Research

Before you ship off to a lacrosse camp, you should obtain adequate information about the camp you’re attending. Find out what will be expected of you, and what you can look forward to learning. For example, our lacrosse camps offers a unique training program with qualified professionals to help athletes obtain a new level of proficiency in the sport.

Understanding the history of the camp, its values, and its objectives can help attendees become more easily acclimated to the program. By arriving with previous knowledge about the camp, it’s much easier to fit in and be confident. Knowledge can be one of the greatest assets an athlete can have prior to entering camp.

Be In Shape

Of course while being knowledgeable is extremely important, all athletes who have committed to improving their lacrosse skills know that proper physical conditioning is vital on the field. While most athletes are in relatively good shape normally, those choosing to enroll in lacrosse camp should be in the best shape possible.

Spending extra time in the gym during the months before camp is a good idea. Maximizing your level of cardiovascular conditioning and strength can enable you to have a better performance at camp. Enlisting the help of a personal trainer prior to entering camp can help to ensure peak physical conditioning while on the field.

Bring Proper Equipment

Lacrosse is like most other things in that you need the right gear for the job. While some camps provide certain amenities and facilities, it’s good to be prepared. When enrolling in a camp you will likely be told what you should bring during your stay.

Utilize the gear you’re comfortable with and that you know works properly. However this professional sports experience can also provide a good opportunity to purchase new, industry-standard gear in order to achieve maximum benefits from camp.

Know Your Strengths

Having a thorough understanding of your own capabilities is very helpful when it comes to participating effectively in a team environment. Know what positions you excel at and use those talents to help your team on the field. This can show the coaches and training staff that you’re a valuable asset and that you’re an athlete with a real understanding of their own skills.

This can also provide a good opportunity for you to help your teammates tighten up certain areas of their skillset which may not be up to par with yours. Of course one of the benefits of being in a team environment is that such a process goes both ways. Since you’ll be working with many other athletes, you also have an opportunity to learn and improve as well.

Know Your Weaknesses

While it’s good to know where you excel, it’s just as important to know which areas of your game could use a little work. By acknowledging which areas of your athletic arsenal need a little sharpening, you can take advantage of the wealth of experience possessed by your teammates and training staff. Be open and honest about how you’d like to improve your game, and work with coaches to make those wishes a reality.

This also shows humility and a desire to improve, which can make coaches and staff members more eager to work with you. Oftentimes the professionals who work at these camps have acquired enough experience and talent to handle any perceived problem an athlete may have on or off the field that is affecting their performance.


Being around so many talented individuals in the sport of lacrosse is great. In fact, the only drawback of such an experience is that it only lasts for a relatively short period of time. It can be difficult to get all of your questions answered in a stay that only lasts a few days. It can also be difficult to learn everything that the staff members and coaches have to teach in this short period of time.

It is for this reason that networking is very valuable at lacrosse camps. Keeping in contact with other athletes, staff members, and coaches can provide numerous benefits for the future. Athletes can make new friends, and can also gain tips on conditioning, dieting, and ways to break into the professional side of the industry.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Of course being in shape, networking with others, and understanding one’s own game is only made possible by a positive attitude. Going into a camp with the expectations of working hard and improving is the main step in gaining positive results. Lacrosse camp is a great opportunity for dedicated players to improve their game and meet other talented individuals in the sport.

A good attitude can also make players seem more manageable and coachable. This can increase the chances that they will be looked upon favorably by coaches and recruiters and can help them get a potential future in the sport.

Have Fun

It may seem obvious, but most people forget the main reason that they got into lacrosse in the first place. Camp can be a great opportunity to create fun memories that can last a lifetime. While it is a great way to improve one’s performance on the field and to meet talented professionals, those who attend camps shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that a fun experience is to be had by everyone attending.