Boys Lacrosse Camp at Fairfield University

Fairfield University

Fairfield, CT


Campers will improve their individual stick skills, work on positional training and team concepts, and scrimmage daily. The lax campers will train in Fairfield University's new Rafferty Stadium with the Fairfield University coaching staff. This CT lax camp offers day and half day camper options.

About Our Coaches

Matt Dalton

Coach Matt Dalton is the Men’s Lacrosse Assistant Coach for Fairfield University. Coach Dalton joined Andrew Baxter’s coaching staff as an Assistant Coach in the summer of 2019.

Dalton most recently served as the Defensive Coordinator, Faceoff and Goalkeeper Coach at Nazareth College following two campaigns in the same role at his alma mater, Springfield College. Dalton also earned his Master of Education in School Counseling with a concentration in School Guidance & Counseling during his time at Springfield, as well as his certification as a licensed guidance counselor for grades 5-12.

Dalton, who also previously coached at SUNY Purchase and Somers High School, was a four-year standout as a student-athlete at Springfield and served as team captain as a senior in 2015. He was an All-Pilgrim League and All-NEWMAC honoree at LSM and helped the Pride to four straight NCAA postseason appearances.

Camp Details

Check in/out: All campers check in daily at 9:00 am. The full day campers will check out out daily at 3:00 pm with our half day campers checking out at 12:00 pm.

Age & Ability: Our day camp is open to ages 5-16 with our Half-Day camp open to ages 5-9, all ability and levels are welcomed.

Meals: Campers are to bring their own lunch to camp.

Morning Training Session 1

Fundamental Stick Work - Specialized stick routines involving box and targeted fundamental drills

Position Specific Training

Defense - including a rotation of midfielders

Footwork – pivot, recovery and angles
Stick work – clearing, carrying and stick protection
Field Awareness – slide, recovery and on ball play


Situational Awareness – spacing, vision and offensive flow
Shooting– time and room, on the run, shot placement and selection
Dodging – from, X the ally and up top
Riding – drop back, pressure and 10 man rides


Situational Awareness – spacing, vision and offensive flow
Shooting– time and room, on the run, shot placement and selection
Dodging – from, X the ally and up top
Defensive Play – body positioning, field awareness and sliding


Communication - ball positioning, dictating the defensemen’s position and slides
Mechanics – placement in cage, off stick and stick side movement
Clearing – moving the ball quickly, communicating where to go with the ball and stick work

Face Off Specialist

Mechanics – footwork and body positioning
Outlets – pushing the ball to wings, communicating how and where they should go
Draw – speed work, counter moves and development of additional moves

Morning Training Session 2

Unsettled Situational Game Play, focused on special awareness specific to each type of situation

2v1 Fast play from the ally, X and Y
Cross field 3v2 continuous play
3v4 off ground ball and clears
Full field transitional continuous play


Chalk Talk - Reviewing techniques and game theories specific to the players position and the weeks on field technical activities

Afternoon Training Session 1

Grouped Position Specific Training- Attack vs. Defense, Midfield vs. Midfield and LSM’s

1v1’s, 2v2’s 3v3’s, 4v4’s– from all positions on the field focusing in
on specific game philosophy’s, techniques and spatial awareness

Specialized Team Building and Leadership Events- Lacrosse capture the flag, lax baseball, lax water balloons, lax maze runner, ultimate lacrosse and other leadership activities

Afternoon Training Session 2

Game Play -  Clear ride scrimmage, full field scrimmages, camp championship tournament, 7 vs 7, box lacrosse tournament

Daily Award Ceremony

Reviews (10)

reviews-10 Steve B. - Camper

I had so much fun at camp. All of the coaches were helpful and they taught us so much. My favorite part was playing with kids just as good as me, it pushed me to compete even harder.

reviews-10 Kate J. - Parent

My two sons had a blast at camp. They were so excited to tell their coach all of the new things they learned. They are looking forward to returning next year. Thank You.

reviews-10 Drew D. - Camper

I had such a great time at camp. The coaches were great. I even won a prize for a shooting contest. I am going to tell all my friends about camp.

reviews-10 Nancy C. - Mom

Thanks so much for the really great experience this week at Fairfield U. My son, had a very positive experience this week. He has been playing for while and practices in the back yard. After having a less than enjoyable experience in junior varsity in the spring where the coach berated the kids and yelled at them, he really needed the boost. He told me he learned a lot and that everyone was really nice. I love your philosophy of support and encouragement. I think it is so important. He was ready to find another sport after this last spring and now I think he is encouraged to continue. He does work hard and I know you all gave him an award for that. Somehow I think that has got to pay off. Aside from the blisters he developed on his feet wearing ill-fitting shoes, it was totally fun for him.

reviews-10 Perry L. – Camper

Learning from an MLL All-Star was great experience. Coach Powell taught us what it takes to elevate our game to the next level. Being a rising sophomore I listened to everything he said so I can improve my game and hopefully get noticed by local college scouts.

reviews-10 Janet P. – Parent

My son had a great time at camp this summer. He learned a lot from the coaching staff. My husband and I attended the scrimmage on final day and we could tell how enthusiastic the coaches were by how effortlessly they were interacting with the campers. It was very nice to see coaches who wanted to be there and it added to the wonderful experience.

reviews-10 Paul S. – Father

My son went to this camp and he learned a lot from the coaches. One of the most valuable lessons he took away from camp was that you always have room to improve your game. Before he would sometimes get complacent if he was one of the top players on his team, but now I can already see him taking strides to practice a little longer than usual. Great Job!

reviews-10 Jennifer M. – Mom

My son had to leave early one day because he was a bit under the weather and the next day all of the coaches made sure they came up to him to see how he was feeling. This was great to see, the coaches really cared about the campers and that was very reassuring. I knew I chose the right camp for my son.

reviews-10 Kyle P. – Camper

Coach Ryan was great to learn from. He knew the answers to all of my questions. It was great to learn from such a great lacrosse player. I made sure he signed a lacrosse ball on the last day.

reviews-10 Michelle J. – Mom

The GameBreaker Lacrosse coaching staff was great. They were very attentive and were open to answering any and all of my concerns. I wanted to make sure my son worked on his left hand to make it stronger and more consistent. The coaches assured me they would keep an eye out for him and suggest he used his left hand whenever the drill allowed for it.

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