Boys Featured Videos


Learn how to keep your skills sharp while you are stuck at home

Dodging Drills You Can Do At Home

Learn how to become a more effective dodger in your own backyard

How to Throw a Lacrosse Ball

Learn the best technique and dodging drills you can do at home

Backyard Drills to improve your checks

This video is great for all players who play defense and are looking to improve…

Paul Rabil Shooting Drills

Paul Rabil takes you through some of his favorite offensive shooting drills

Men’s individual Drills – Offense

Billy bitter offers several key techniques for maximizing offensive opportunities from behind the cage.

Girls Featured Videos

How to Cradle in Girls Lacrosse

Tips, skills and drills on how to improve your cradling for the girls game.

At Home Wall Ball Routine

Great video and wall ball routine

Shooting in Tight Spaces with Taylor Cummings

Learn the best techniques for shooting in tight spaces

Improve your 8 Meter Shooting Technique

This video will go through ways to improve your shooting technique and become a better…

Improve your Groundball Technique

This video will show you the best ways to scoop up groundballs

Dodging Tips to Improve Your Game

Use this video to improve how you dodge and attack the defender

Daily Routines

Additional Lacrosse Tips

Agility Womens
Columbia Face Dodge
Defense Checking
Denison Defense
Denison Shooting
Dodging Drill Zipper
ESPN Sports Science
Faceoff Drills AK 1
Faceoff Drills AK 2
Faceoff Drills AK 3
Faceoff Drills Eck 1
Faceoff Drills Eck 2
Footwork Agility – Speedladder
GLE Defense
Hat Drill
Jen Adams – Fakes
Jen Adams – Outside Shooting
Jen Adams – Roll Dodging
Jen Adams – Stick Protection
Jen Adams – Stutter-Step Dodging
Johnny Christmas – Split Dodging
Jovan Miller – Roll Back
Kip Turner – Goalie Warmup
Mid Shooting Drill 1
Mid Shooting Drill 2
Mundays Stick Work Agility
ND Speed Agility
Shooting Rabil Warmup
Stick Skills JA Cradling
Team Drills
Wall Ball 1
Wall Ball 2