FogLax Boys Lacrosse Camp

Delta Lower Grass Fields

Nantucket, MA 02554


Lacrosse in the morning, beach in the afternoon...what could be better!  Join our exceptional staff to improve your individual lacrosse skills this summer while you're on Nantucket.  In addition to skill development, we aim to instill in our campers the lessons of hard work, character, and leadership.

*This camp complies with all Massachusettes General Program Requirements for youth camps (105 CMR 430.190.191)

About Our Coaches

Sam Kosoff

Sam Kosoff returned to Lawrenceville in 2006 after a three-year stint at McDonogh School where he ran upper school admissions and coached lacrosse. Sam was a three sport athlete at the Lawrenceville School. Sam graduated from Hamilton College in ’92 having played attack for the Continentals for four years and leading the team in
assists for three consecutive years. Sam currently coaches JV
football and is the assistant varsity hockey coach at the Lawrenceville School.

Camp Details

Check in/out: All campers check in daily at 8:45 am with check out at 12:00 pm.

Age & Ability: Our camp is open to boys ages 6-16, all ability and levels are welcomed.

Camp Schedule

8:45 - Campers arrive and check in; Stretching and warm-up
9:15 - First Session - Individualized skill work

9:45 – Team Concepts – Settled game awareness and play
10:15 - Position specific training
10:30 – Break, team building and leadership events
10:45 – Unsettled and settled situational game play / scrimmages
12:00 – Daily review and award ceremony – Pick up


Morning Training Session 1

Fundamental Stick Work - Specialized stick routines involving box and targeted fundamental drills


Position Specific Training

Defense - including a rotation of midfielders

Footwork – pivot, recovery and angles
Stick work – clearing, carrying and stick protection
Field Awareness – slide, recovery and on ball play



Situational Awareness – spacing, vision and offensive flow
Shooting– time and room, on the run, shot placement and selection
Dodging – from, X the ally and up top
Riding – drop back, pressure and 10-man rides



Situational Awareness – spacing, vision and offensive flow
Shooting– time and room, on the run, shot placement and selection
Dodging – from, X the ally and up top
Defensive Play – body positioning, field awareness and sliding



Communication - ball positioning, dictating the defensemen’s position and slides
Mechanics – placement in cage, off stick and stick side movement
Clearing – moving the ball quickly, communicating where to go with the ball and stick work


Face Off Specialist

Mechanics – footwork and body positioning
Outlets – pushing the ball to wings, communicating how and where they should go
Draw – speed work, counter moves and development of additional moves


Specialized Leadership Games and Events
Lacrosse capture the flag, lax baseball, lax water balloons, lax maze runner, ultimate lacrosse and other leadership activities


Unsettled Situational Game Play, focused on special awareness specific to each type of situation

2v1 Fast play from the ally, X and Y
Cross field 3v2 continuous play
3v4 off ground ball and clears
Full field transitional continuous play


Morning Training Session 2

Grouped Position Specific Training- Attack vs. Defense, Midfield vs. Midfield and LSM’s

1v1’s, 2v2’s 3v3’s, 4v4’s– from all positions on the field focusing in
on specific game philosophy’s, techniques and spatial awareness


Game Play - Clear ride scrimmage, full field scrimmages, camp championship tournament, 7 vs 7, box lacrosse tournament


Daily Award Ceremony

Reviews (3)

reviews-10 Tammy T. - Parent

We sent our two kids to camp this summer and they were so excited to go to a lacrosse camp. Even with the amount of anticipation they had, the camp still exceeded their expectations. Great job!

reviews-10 Kaylee T. - Parent

We signed our son up for one of the first sessions of camp. He had so much fun the first week that we had to sign him up for another week later on during the summer. Overall, a great camp. I will absolutely recommend this to all of my friends.

reviews-10 Brandon F. - Camper

By the end of the week of camp I could already feel improvements in my game. The coaches were great and I can see the results. Hope to see you again next year.

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