Lacrosse Wall Ball - Improve your stick skills

By Coach T

Lacrosse Wall Ball Workout Video from on Vimeo.


Wall ball is the easiest and most effective way for lacrosse players to improve their stick skills. As Coach Myers says, “All you need is the ball, your stick and a flat surface or wall.” He is absolutely right that in 20-30 min you can improve your game. Lacrosse players at the highest level continue to sharpen their stick skills by playing wall ball regularly.

The important thing to remember about any time you are playing lacrosse, is each time you pick up the stick you have an opportunity. You will either get better or worse. We get better through practicing proper technique and challenging ourselves to get more reps than our previous record. We can get worse, but not practicing proper technique and creating bad habits.

Let’s break down some of the great points Coach Myer’s makes in this video:

-          Distance from the wall. Move closer if you are working on quick sticks, farther if you are working on long passes. But as Coach points out, being 5-10 yds is the optimal distance for basic stick drills that incorporate one or both hands.

-          Stance: In all of my years watching lacrosse, I have not seen that many great players make plays standing flat footed facing their target. We want to have our opposite foot forward. We want a slight bend in our knees and to be in the “triple threat position”.

-          Grip: generally speaking, you want your bottom hand near the butt end of the stick. Your top hand should be about midway down the shaft. As you spend more time working on stick skills, you will develop your own style and preferences.

-          Mechanics: We teach the 3 points to throwing:

o   Point – point your front elbow and butt-end at your target.

o   Step – a weight transfer from your back foot, to your front foot will help you build velocity as you throw.

o   Leave it – As you release the ball, you want to leave your stick up as a target. Lacrosse is a fast game, players should always be ready to get the ball back.

-          Catching: As coach mentions, we want to “catch the ball deep” so we can be more of a threat and move the ball quicker.

By following this workout or creating your own variation, you will improve your skills. Stick with it for a week or longer and you will notice big improvements.

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