Peter Baum’s MLL Debut

By Jeff Smith

With the partnership between the LXM and MLL, this year’s MLL season is expected to be one of the most exciting yet.

As soon as the deal became official, MLL teams picked up many LXM players. Peter Baum, who made national headlines last year by choosing to play in the LXM instead of MLL, would finally see MLL competition.

Baum’s decision to play LXM instead of MLL had very little to do with the choice in competition. Instead it had everything to do with the full-time position with Adrenaline and his career goals off of the field.

“It’s the highest level, and I don’t think anyone would stand up and say it isn’t. It’s going to be a challenge to play against great players and play consistently over a full season,” said Baum.

This past weekend Baum and fellow LXM players had a chance to show what they can do on the MLL field- and they did not disappoint.

Baum led the Ohio Machine to a decisive 15-8 win over the Charlotte Hounds. He scored 3 goals off of 8 shots and one assist.


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